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Sagun Finance Mutual Funds

  • What are Direct plans in Mutual Funds? :
    • From Jan 1, 2013, SEBI has mandated that every Mutual Fund has to come under two options – a 'Regular Plan’ and 'Direct Plan'. They are the same scheme, run by the same fund managers investing in the same stocks and bonds, but with two differences.

        Direct Plan
      • No commissions
      • Higher return on the same fund
      • Regular Plan
      • Mutual Fund gives commission to your broker/distributor from your investment
      • Lower return on the same mutual fund

  • Why Invest in Direct plans of Mutual Funds with Sagun Finance? :
      • Zero Fees :No transaction fees, no consutation charges. no charges at all
      • Unlimited Expert Assistance :A financial expert at your fingertipsAnytime, anywhere
      • Seamless Experience :We are committed to providing you with a great inversting experience
  • How can I invest in Direct Plans? :
    • You can invest in direct plans of mutual funds in 3 ways :
      Walk upto the closest Mutual Fund office in your town – but it is time consuming.
      Create login account in each AMC website and invest directly. The downside is that if you invest in multiple AMCs it's very hard to keep a track of your portfolio and also – a few more passwords!

  • Expert take on Direct plans of Mutual Funds :
      • Economic times :1% higher return means a much bigger corpus. Due to the compounding, the corpus built via products with lower cost will be significantly higher over longer periods.
      • Money Control :.On the other hand, direct Mf plans don’t involve intermediaries. Hence, the expense ratio which includes all fees, commissions, and fund management charges is lower, making the returnhigher than that of regular MF plans.
      • Business Standard :(In regular Funds) The seller may sell you funds where he earns a higher commission rather than what is best for you... Over long term you stand to gain more by investing in direct plans.